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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Inflatable Sheep, in Midtown

Inflatable sheep, NYC
Photo by myself in Midtown.

Well here it is, the inflatable sheep, wearing a garter belt on a balcony fire escape. With him is his buddy the Italian restaurant guy. Below, one of many acupuncture and massage places in the city.

Perhaps we New Yorkers are all stressed out? There is no shortage of massage places here, where you pay by the minute to have someone pound on your back or feet.

I thought the inflatable sheep was a hoot. Mark thought there wasn't enough interest. I usually follow his advice, and he has infinite patience as I ask his opinion almost every day.

Finally, I didn't know what to file this under and have created a new label called 'random'. Thing is, there are many random things going on this city, how do you draw the line? I may need 'semi-random' and 'truly random' labels, to distinguish levels of oddity.

I prefer images showing the everyday, myself. Anyway, I recommend clicking on labels once in a while, or using the Random Post Generator on the sidebar. There are over 1,000 posts here, never a shortage of schtuff.

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Marcia said...

Kitty things like this sheep are what makes life interesting, they show up unexpectedly and you find yourself talking about them the rest of the day. Last summer when I was heading back to Newark via the shuttle I looked out the window and saw trapeze artists at work. Funny thing was no one else seemed to notice and you guessed it that was the first think I told people about when I got home. So it's really not what you see everyday, instead its the special things we remember.

Anonymous said...

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Bibi said...

I also noticed an abundance of massage places in NYC...and a lot of psychics.

I think the sheep is a hoot, too....the chef seems to be eying him...lamb chops?owerdi

Kitty said...

Welcome Marcia,
Thanks for such a poetic comment! I guess I should edit my post - I prefer to see the special within the everyday.

Cool that you saw the trapeze set-up along the West Side Highway. There's a huge golfing range is located on the west side, too.

Hello ρομπερτ,
ha, thanks. Happy weekend to you!

Hi Bibi
Funny. I think the psychics are a sham, really, where people pay office-space prices for space where they live. I can't imagine they get many customers.

T. Becque said...

I think "random" is a fitting label for this! Maybe "quirky" too. Anyway, great capture of life!

elsiee said...

after a long day of touristy wandering in less than ideal footwear one of those massage places brought me back to life, seriously!

Eve said...

I can see the interest in this inflatable sheep, but I'm wondering why. :D Anyway, how about 'extreme random to the max and then some'?