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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Waiting for Pies, Outside Lombardi's

Lombardi's, NYC
Photo by myself on Spring and Mott Streets, in SoHo..

There seems to always be a line outside Lombardi's, a restaurant in SoHo known for its thin crust pizza.

And why not? In my humble opinion, Lombardi's serves up the best pizza in New York. The competition is fierce, too, since there several excellent places, like John's, Grimaldi's and Patsy's to contend with.

I was lucky enough to work down the street from Lombardi's and a group of us would venture over whenever the workload permitted, to gorge ourselves. I highly recommend the traditional pie with pancetta and mushrooms. It is absolutely delish.

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Joe's blog said...

I'm so happy to have found your blog...last year's october in NY was one the best times in my life...it's wonderful for me to see the pictures...

Anonymous said...

It is always early for me to eat. I am trying to watch what I eat so I don't rise up and float off. And I see a pizza hut. lol

Washington said...

Hi Kitty! I do not know if this is the best pizza of the planet (as the sign says), but certainly it was the best pizza I ever had. By the way, the moment we were there having our pizza, there was a group of tourists (I guess) taking notes and a guy who seems to be the expert in pizzas, teaching them. Later we found out the guy works for a company callded "Scott`s Pizza Tour". New York is really amazing!!

Shangri La Food said...

I am so glad to found this blog. I was in New York two years ago, and it was a love at first sight. So I am defenetly coming back ( very soon I hope :)) .. Meanwhile I will enjoy this beautifil pictures and take notes what to visit next time :)