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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Where the Kids Are - The L Train Platform

L Train Platform, NYC
Photo by myself on the subway platform at 14th Street, Union Square.

If you want to know where the kids are, get thee to the L train platform at Union Square.

The L train takes these young lads and lasses home to Williamsburg, Greenpoint and other Brooklyn neighborhoods. Everyone, male and female, is wearing a shirt two sizes too small.

The other day, a bluegrass band was the entertainment. No one looked older than 35.

Mark and I are counting down the days until we arrive in Japan. We arrive Sunday in Tokyo. (!!!)

I always thought I'd be limited to seeing Japan in photos. Beautiful, pristine, striking photos, of course. I've been to other parts of Asia, but for some reason Japan seemed off limits.


I don't know. Perhaps because it seems so perfect, the antithesis of New York - jam packed, urban, historic yet civilized, safe and clean.

A place full of incredible design. A place where good surprises lurked around each corner. A place full of wild food experiences. How can such a place exist?

To get me excited for the trip, Mark sent me a video (best seen in 720p). While watching I had the odd feeling like I was tuning into another planet. This incredible photographer has authored a whole series of videos using his Canon 5D digital camera, mostly of Japan.

No worries, daily posts will continue here. Mhmmm.

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Olivier said...

bien vu la photo de ce concert dans le metro, metro new yorkais toujours tres vivant

matt said...

Love Bluegrass,nice shot.Tokyo is cool, like the video looks like a location real for Blade runner!! have fun.

Washington said...

Hi Kitty.

WOW Japan! Tokio!! I have lived in a city close to Tokio for almost a year and a half. Above all, do not miss a sunday morning at HARAJUKU. It is awesome!

Luis Gomez said...

Great post. Love NY subway stations. Thanks for sharing that wonderful Tokyo video. Have a great trip!

Washington said...

Hey! I just saw the video. It is wonderful. Made me want to go back again.

Terry B, Blue Kitchen said...

I love the line about "wearing a shirt two sizes too small," Kitty. But it beats the heck out of wearing pants three sizes too big, I think. Have a wonderful, wonderful trip. As someone working in architecture, it will give you much to think about.

Leif Hagen said...

I bet that was some groooovy music!

Ken Mac said...

cant wait to see your pics of Japan

Piet Osefius said...

Nice, I love New York :)

Ming the Merciless said...

That is an interesting video of Tokyo. The ambient sound really add a lot of 'texture' to the scene.

Are you thinking of doing one for NYC?