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Sunday, October 17, 2010

On Contortionists and Viral Videos

Contortionist, Union Square
Photo by myself in Union Square.

A contortionist entertained a huge crowd, earlier this year. He was a part of a group of acrobatic muscular men. The fellow in the turban to the right was the ringleader of the group.


Below, a viral video that's been all over the place: Atomic Tom, a band from Brooklyn (woohoo!!) performed a song accompanied only by four iphones.

The four guys, none of whom are named Tom, performed on a quiet B train ride between Brooklyn and Manhattan. Most of the video occurs above ground, on the Manhattan Bridge. The video would not have worked so well if the train were going through a tunnel. There wouldn't be the same variety of light and shadow.

Spontaneous musical and acrobatic performances on the subway are pretty normal. I wouldn't say they happen every day, but it is not uncommon to have your ride interrupted by two guys doing back flips or a trio of mariachi.

Atomic Tom is doing pretty darned well. They're performing at Macy's in Herald Square next Wednesday.

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Ken Mac said...

that settles it. I am dumping my Martin in the morning. I do like the chorus...and that guy's paste on moustashe...

Lozzie Cap said...

I've just started using apps like these with some of my clients, with really interesting results .. what a timely post, Kitty!

Andrea said...

I am absolutely amazed at this video, how cool that they are only using their iPhones...!!
I wish my commute to work in the morning was this much fun!