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Sunday, October 3, 2010

On Rainy Days and Shooting for TV

Washington Square Park, NYC
Photo by myself in Washington Square Park, in the Village.

We've been experiencing a slew of rainy days, with a nice day here and there. It's due to rain all next week.


I'm a bit knackered. I spent part of yesterday helping Mark on a shoot for a test commercial for a well-known electronic device. Mark is absolutely wiped out.

The shoot included a tattoo parlor, our apartment in Park Slope, a yoga studio, a bathroom in Midtown, a street scene in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and a hot dog stand in Prospect Park.

As the producer, Mark mobilized his crew - a director, a cameraman, a make-up artist and several assistants for the shoot. He also figured out the locations, got permissions and created a schedule all in one day.

Mark determined logistics on Friday and the test commercial was shot on Saturday. Usually, a two-dimensional storyboard was enough to illustrate an idea. Some companies prefer to view a test commercial before committing a great deal of money to shoot a real commercial.

It was a cool experience, and not the first time I've helped out. We were lucky that Saturday was the one beautiful day in the midst of a slew of cold rainy days. I will have to document the experience next time!

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Luis Gomez said...

Sounds like tons of work for one day! You guys must be dead tired. Hopefully you will get to go out for a while with Rupert!

RedPat said...

Sounds totally exhausting. Too bad today isn't nice and sunny for you.

Joanne said...

That's my line of work... know what those timings are about!!

Ken Mac said...

great insider's info! wonder what the product was? Come on Kitty!

Thanks for your comment re mom.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Knackered??? Which Brits have you been hanging out with Kitty using language like that ;-)

Hope you managed to get some rest today, being knackered is no fun!!

Lily Hydrangea said...

please do! that sounds so interesting & fun.

seo company said...

It seems tons of work for a day! You're dead tired. I hope you get to go out when you have Rupert