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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Portrait of an Artist, on the Upper East Side

Peter Zonis, NYC
Photo by myself, around Madison and 62nd Street, on the Upper East Side.

Walking to a job site Tuesday morning, I encountered an artist selling his work, pencil in hand. I've seen him in the same spot for several weeks in a row, but this time I stopped to talk.

Peter Zonis is a New York artist who has been featured in New York Magazine, NBC News, and the New York Daily News. Many of his large oil pastels feature New York City landmarks, ranging from the Guggenheim to Carnegie Deli to the Plaza Hotel.

Buildings look dynamic and threaten to escape the frame. It's obvious from the colors and composition that Peter enjoys making art. His work has been collected by Joe Namath, Robert De Niro and David Letterman, among others.

It's pretty incredible to think I'd been walking by this person every week for the last several months. I so admire artists who have the courage and determination to pursue their work. My brief moment with Peter made my day special.

Check out Peter Zonis' artwork here.

Artwork, UES

The Portrait Series is a once-in-a-while installment, featuring New Yorkers encountered on the street.

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WTakeuchi said...

Wow Kitty! What a great portrait! We can tell by his eyes that he trusted you. And the art is wonderful. Congrats!

Olivier said...

beau portrait d'artiste et j'aime bien sa peinture du guggenheim

Luis Gomez said...

Lovely post. Really nice.

CaT said...

you often write about "real new yorkers" or "we new yorkers". but what exactly do you define as a "real" new yorker? just curious.
and you yourself? do you consider yourself as a real new yorker.. when do you become one?
have you been living all your life in NY?
many many questions. just my curiosity!! ah, isnt there a saying, curiosity killed the cat... ;)

Anonymous said...

you mention the words New York 6 times in this post, obviously you have a passion for the city. What funny is, i think there is no real merit in being a " bred&buttered new yorker". Because either you aren't born and raised there (then you're not a REAL new yorker), or you are, and then you are just there by default; you might not like it at all and you have never moved there for a reason! So people that are new to the city, exploring it, loving it, and making a life there are the ones that deserve the title real new yorker! That's you i think?

CaT said...

hmmmmm.... reading the anon comment, i
actually realize i dont have defined for myself what is a "true... (whatever nation/city)".
so im really curious what you have to say about this!

Lily Hydrangea said...

You have definitely captured the twinkle in his eye. Maybe it's from following his passion, I wonder?

Kitty said...

Thanks Washington!
I'm glad you feel he trusted me. I hope so!

Hi Olivier
I like that painting, too. It's as if the building is alive.

Thank you Luis!

Hi Cat!
What a thought provoking comment? I will have to address this tomorrow in my post. Hm!

Hi Anon
The words 'New York' do come up quite a bit but mostly they are in the names of things - New York Post, New York Magazine, New York CIty landmarks. They are adjectives that mean they are of this city, nothing more.

I did not mean to insinuate that some people are more authentic to this city than others. My post was more about encountering an artist who depicts recognizable landmarks in the city where he lives.

Hi Lily
For a photo at 8 am, Peter photographed very well. I didn't look half as twinkly!

L├║cia said...

The first photo is so cool!!!
You were able to capture the expression of his eyes...
And the painting on the background was a touch of class. ;-)

Pierre said...

I really like your photos. full of life
Pierre from Paris