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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Slice of Life, Park Avenue South

Lower Park Ave, NYC
Photo by myself, around 18th Street and Park Avenue South.

Looking north up Park Avenue, the MetLife building can be seen in the distance. The building looks like it's sitting on top of Grand Central Terminal (barely seen here) but is actually just north of it.

Park Avenue rises up and whips around Grand Central Terminal and under the MetLife building on something called the Park Avenue Viaduct. At one point cars are elevated above Park Avenue and it's a dramatic view. If you ever have the chance, I suggest a quick ride in a cab because it's kinda cool.

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Olivier said...

encore une belle photo de rue, sauf le metlife (que je deteste, il gache vraiment la vue).

City´s feet said...

Very nice pic :)

Thank u for sharing!


Ken Mac said...

new york, the walled-in city

Lily Hydrangea said...

You've captured the feel of this area well.

Tim said...

dull an obscuring. in stead of capturing the biker's momentum, it looks like he got in the way of the picture at the last moment..

Anonymous said...

I love this picture! reading your blog makes me happy :)

BANJO52 said...

Trendy couple headed for an almost-showdown with blurry yet focused bicyclist, with big stuff for context. I really, really the composition here; it's busy and might seem off-balance, but is in fact very balanced.