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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saluting Heroes, along Fifth Avenue, Part Two

2010 Veteran's Day, NYC
Members of the Marines Corps marched down Fifth Avenue on Veteran's Day, last Thursday.

A few remaining photos from the Veteran's Day parade. I was so tired Thursday night, I didn't get to go through all my images and found some others worth sharing.

The upcoming holiday season in New York is a busy one. The Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center was just erected this week. There will be decorations and special street fairs. There will be the Thanksgiving Parade down Central Park West.

I'll do my best to get around and give you all a sense of what it's like here. It will be over the top festivity!

2010 Veteran's Day, NYC
Bagpipes, often associated with those in uniform, made an appearance in full regalia.

2010 Veteran's Day, NYC
The patriotic spirit extended well beyond the US.

2010 Veteran's Day, NYC
The men and women of the US Navy.

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Pierre said...

I like the photo of flags and the last one . I dont know why. everything seems a mess but at the same time people are together.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hi Kitty, love the photos, but I have to say I do miss our British tradition of wearing poppies for veteran's day - symbolic of the blood spilled at one of the worst battles of WWI at Flanders Field where poppies bloomed. I wish they would do something similar in the US, so that even if you cannot make the parade you can show your support to veterans and troops in another way.

it's crazy in town at the moment, I was in Soho early today and usually it is quiet enough before noon, but today it was hopping. The Holiday season is in full swing.

auchnacree said...

It's great to see the kilted pipers. They always have a role in these types of events in Scotland; usually the pipe band leads the marches. I'm sure for many exiled Scots it will bring a touch of Scotland when they hear the pipes even if the pipes are commemorating those who died and their families and also and more importantly why they fought and made the ultimate sacrifice.