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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Greetings from Santa Monica

Santa Monica bluffs
Photo by myself over the Pacific Coast Highway, in Santa Monica.

Hello from the other side of the US! My fiance Mark and I are in Santa Monica, California for the weekend.

This view was taken over the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) which runs along the coast. The Santa Monica Bluffs are to the right. Footbridges and steep stairs along the bluffs allow pedestrians to get from beach level to street level, above.

It is gloriously sunny and mild here, as it always seems to be. It was evident when we got off the plane that we were New Yorkers - everyone around us was wearing light colored, fun clothing, while we were plodding around in black and navy.

This winter has been a particularly tough one everywhere, New York included. The sunshine and beach are perfect antidotes to the winter blues.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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Luis Gomez said...

Have fun! Santa Monica is great!

Pierre said...

Hi lovers! have a good travell in Santa Monica. Seemsto be paradise

m. said...

That sounds like a very good weekend! Winter in Poland is also too long and we cant wait the sunshine! Have a great time and safe trip back home! :)

Spandrel Studios said...

Anytime we are anywhere there are palm trees, it truly feels like vacation--like we're really "away." Love this view! Enjoy your time out there... And bring some spring back to the east coast when you return, please!

Doreen said...

that is an awesome shot. beautiful!!

elsiee said...

welcome to my side of the world! it's weirdly nice to know that you're close even though we won't meet...
have a lovely time!

Anonymous said...

Great picture, I wish I could be there!!! Greetings from cold Germany ;-)

za-marzeniami said...

now in Poland is better ;)
sun, cold wind...

have fun and I waiting for more photos ;)

Kitty said...

Thank you everyone!

Hi Luis
Glad to know you've experienced this paradise. It is great indeed.

Hi Pierre
Yes, I highly recommend this area. Life is relaxed and lovely here. The people are wonderful, too.

Hi M
I'm sorry to hear of your winter. I hope you have some sunshine soon!

Hallo Spandrel!!
I can relate. The palm trees are such a shock to anyone in the Northeast, truly surreal.

I wish I could bottle some of this warmth and nature and send it back to you.

Thanks Doreen!

Hi Elsiee!!
It's incredible to me that *this* is your daily life. I'm envious. I will think of you today as we walk around in this paradise.

Thanks and welcome, CaRoJo!

Ha, Za.
I am glad it's a little better in Poland. I have some Polish friends in NYC and I feel a connection to your country. Best to you.

za-marzeniami said...

maybe it's time to visit Poland?