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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cozy Interior on Perry Street, in the West Village

Restaurant interior, The village
Photo by myself at Perry and Greenwich Streets, in the West Village.

It's a cold and rainy weekend here, in New York.

As an antidote, I'm posting a photo from a walk about the West Village, earlier this month. At Aria Wine Bar, small plates such as salad, prosciutto and meatballs are served alongside tumblers of wine.

Exposed brick, wood rafters and subway tile make the interior rustic and charming. This looks like the perfect place for a romantic date.

This bar does not have a website. As with any restaurant, please check out reviews before visiting.

For reviews on Yelp, click here.
For a review on UrbanDaddy, click here.


Note to photographers: since I took this photo a few weeks ago, I could not remember the name of this restaurant. All I knew was that it was on the north side of the street, near Magnolia Bakery.

The word 'cucina' is printed behind the bar, which means 'Kitchen'. So, yeah, I did about 20 searches for 'cucinas' in the West Village. Going through restaurants one-by-one on Google maps solved the mystery...and sent me to the loony bin.

Moral of the story?

Take notes on where you take photos, or at least a shot of a sign as a reminder for later on. Avoid the crazy.

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Milanblogger said...

seems a very fine restaurant from the fruits and vegetables exposed

Adam said...

That's what more places in New York should look like!

RedPat said...

Atmosphere to spare! You should try it.

Moinak Dutta said...

like the color of fruits and the window...and also the table napkins...

Pierre said...

Great photo. Full of color and vintage ambiance

Have a nice easter kitty


Joanne said...

Fantastic place, I love it! Yesterday rained all day today the sun has come out:)

Ken said...

kitty, i think you should become a NYC food critic! Perfect combo of two of your loves. :)

ajlounyinjurylaw said...

Very desirable fresh ingredients.