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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Filming on Location, in Soho

Shooting 'The Girls'
Photo by myself on Sullivan and Spring Streets, in Soho.

A film shoot took place in a playground in Soho.

I asked a production assistant what the shoot was for. He told me it's for 'The Girls', an upcoming series on HBO.

Apparently 'The Girls' will be modeled on Sex and The City, that is, a younger batch of women, and their trials and tribulations in New York City.

For an article about the upcoming show, click here.


Some people might be surprised to know there are playgrounds in Soho.

There are schools, churches and graveyards too, in this charming neighborhood. There is even an outdoor pool.

I never lived in Soho (which stands for 'South Of HOuston street', but a friend of mind did, and I was insanely jealous of her. I'm sure her kitchen was about the size of a postage stamp, but who needs a kitchen when you live in such a cool neighborhood?

Soho is known for it's gigantic loft buildings and eclectic boutiques. During the 1970's, the neighborhood was nearly torn down to make way for a new undergound expressway.

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Bitter End said...

Lights, camera... ACTION!!

Beatrice B. said...

this past weekend I actually ran into another shoot in SoHo, too...It was at one of these super popular pizza places...I forgot the name. Anyways...seems to be very telegenic area!

Best, Beatrice

Pierre said...

Dont know where is soho, but it's going to be famous now :)

Kitty said...

ha, Bitter End. Exactly.

Hi Beatrice
This is the perfect time to be in town. We're having the best weather ever.
You were probably outside Lombardi's on Spring and Mott Streets. In my humble opinion, it is the best pizza in NYC. ;-)

Hi Pierre
ah!! Soho is one of the trendiest neighborhoods here. You will have to visit!!

Ken Mac said...

saw Mary Louise Parker on Bleecker yesterday. Not Soho proper, but I had to stop myself from following her. OMIGOD....