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Thursday, May 19, 2011

On Rain and Trains

Photo by myself at the Columbus Circle subway station.

It's been raining constantly, this week.

With rain comes delays with the subway. Yes, I know it's the 21st century, but that's how it goes. For some reason, rain means switching failures, which means delays.

This morning it took Mark and I over an hour to get to work. On a good day, when all transfers line up, it takes 35 minutes.

We were stalled in the station, stalled on the tracks. In an over-crowded train with no air circulation, no less. Mark and I just stood in the car rolling our eyeballs at each other. Argh!


I feel especially badly about the rain because our City Daily Photo friend, Olivier, from Evry, France, is in town. He visits New York every year and is a gifted photographer.

I talked to Oliver on the phone Wednesday (!). My French was even more awful than I thought. Ha.

Anyway, I look forward to meeting Olivier very soon. He is a favorite within the City Daily Photo community.

For Olivier's site at Evry Daily Photo, click here.

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Bitter End said...

On rainy days people prefer to travel under shelter!

Terry B, Blue Kitchen said...

Ha! You bring up a point that always puzzles me--why rain causes delays on an underground rail system. It sometimes happens here in Chicago too, although most of our trains are only underground for part of their runs and travel on elevated tracks much of the way. In brutally cold weather, we've actually had rare instances of trains freezing to the tracks above ground!

Ken Mac said...

we need the scrub patrol down below...