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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

On the Floor of the Subway and the Recent Quake

Subway acrobatics, NYC
Photo by myself on the Q Train.

It's business as usual here, after our little earthquake scare.

I wasn't intending to take photos of these kids performing on the subway ride home. But they were so energetic and flexible, I could not resist.

Handstands and fancy footwork were all over the place. A boombox played hip hop music in the background.


Fortunately, Tuesday's earthquake was rather minor here. Many people didn't feel it at all.

I was lunching with coworkers in our kitchen. Feeling faintly wobbly, as if I were on a boat, I looked down at the legs of my chair. I didn't remember that this chair was wobbly. How strange. The wobbling continued for a little while.

Soon the office was filled with nervous chatter. An announcement was heard on the PA system. The shaky voice of the building super told us to stay calm.

Text messages, phone calls and emails flew. Mark texted me immediately from Chelsea to say he was all right. Down below, the sidewalk was crowded with evacuees from neighboring buildings.

Earthquakes are the last thing on any New Yorker's mind, since much of New York is built on bedrock. The epicenter of the quake was only about 300 miles outside New York City.

Many readers of the Times posted their experiences of the quake, in New York and elsewhere. There are over 1000 comments and counting. Click here to read them.

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Olivier said...

Metro de NYC c'est plus fort que le Luna Park de Coney Island ;o))

Valladolid Daily Photo said...

Action shot 100%!! Wonderful and really funny picture.

sonia a. mascaro said...

Great photo!

I am glad all is okay with you, with Mark and also with the people of NY!

Ken Mac said...

hope is butt doesn't erupt in an earthquake...

biebkriebels said...

Those pictures of the entertainers in the subway are so funny. Especialy the way the passengers are looking. The same as you had posted lately, as if there is nobody doing his very best. They are not at all interested. That makes it so weird to look at.
That must have been strange to have an earthquake in NY. Glad everything is alright.

Leif Hagen said...

Amusing! Interesting what some people will do in the NYC subway!

Chicken Underwear said...

I am comment number 1,091......

I yelled at the kids to stop shaking the table. It was really an earthquake.

Can't blame them for everything.

kousuke said...

I'm glad to know you are safe.