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Monday, October 3, 2011

Business as Usual, in Midtown

Water, water, everywhere
Photo by myself, in Midtown.

The rules of walking on the sidewalk are simple.

Stay to the right. Especially during rush hour. No abrupt stops, please.

As you can see from the photo above, you can only bring what you can carry. Alas, there are no sherpas in New York.


My penpal Victor from Florida reminded me that New York drinking water comes straight from the mountains and is very good. There is absolutely no reason for bottled water.

He is correct. The tap water is delicious. We are a lucky bunch.

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Olivier said...

voila quelqu'un d'efficace, au nombre de bouteilles portées ,)

s.c said...

Sometimes I am thinking on the book of August Sander.
" Menschen des 20. Jahrhunderts " where he tried to catalogize the german people in profession on photo . You surely must have so much pictures that you can do the same on a wider level with the inhabitants of New York. Great shot. I love it

Steffe said...

If so I met a rule breaker yesterday (it will be on the blog tomorrow).
You don't see too many deliverers like this one in Sweden.

Leif Hagen said...

Reminds me of Chad our "Culligan Water Man" - he drives up with his water truck to our office building!

Ken Mac said...

time to make the donuts

Marcia said...

The water guy reminds me of the guy I saw in Staples this morning. He had a cart full of copy paper and was carrying a couple boxes of copy toner and other office supplies.

4rx said...

the guy water seems to be happy to be there, now he is just in a good morning like any work day...