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Sunday, November 6, 2011

The 2011 NYC Marathon

2011 NYC Marathon
Photo by myself along the New York Marathon course, in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

The 42nd New York City Marathon was held today. We were lucky to have a gloriously sunny yet cool weather for running.

New Yorkers lined the streets, cheering the runners on. Fans called out names and numbers on runners' jerseys, as moral support. Bands played music, and people tooted on horns and rang bells.

2011 marathon womens pack sm
The womens' lead pack, speeding by. Firehiwat Dado from Ethiopia is second from the right in red. She won the marathon some 16 miles later.

2011 marathon mens pack sm
The mens' lead pack. Geoffrey Mutai, third from the right, came in first place and broke the course record with sub-five minute miles. Emmanuel Mutai, far right, came in second.

2011 NYC Marathon

2011 NYC Marathon
It seemed like every country was represented.

2011 Marathon slap sm
Runners especially enjoyed saying hello to the children watching.

2011 NYC Marathon

The fastest runners really zip by. You really only get one chance to get a photo, which is a little unnerving. Mark texted me where the lead runners were, while he watched live TV coverage at home.

The New York Marathon begins in Staten Island. The course winds through Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx before ending in Central Park, in Manhattan.

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Olivier said...

Bravo a tous ces courageux, une autre facon de voir New York

Roberto Machado Alves said...

In Rio de Janeiro also occur many marathons and are generally in Flamengo. A great picture. I really enjoyed and I will follow your blog.

Roberto, Brazil

RedPat said...

Looking forward to more shots - It is just now on TV -hours after the finish!

Fred said...

I ran it 2 years ago and I've been following your blog since then. That's how I keep an eye on NYC. Thank you.

Leif Hagen said...

Great NYC marathon snaps, Kitty! My cousin ran it shortly after 9/11 and she remembers how there was still ash in the air and heightened security as she ran.....
The Twin Cities marathon finished several weeks ago.
Happy Monday to you

Banjo52 said...

If a team offered to carry me in a buggy for 26.2 miles, I'd still say it was too much work. These folks are remarkable.

Chicken Underwear said...

I am gonna keep running till you get my photo.


Gunn said...

Still some sporty people from Norway who also do this.
The most famous one, over the years, is Grethe Waitz.

Like your action shots from the big city!


Death Race said...

Awesome race event, Congratulations to all the participants in this event for a great job well done and looking forward always. Nice pics !