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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Reading, on Second Avenue

Reading, NYC
Photo by myself, around Second Avenue and 9th Street.

We New Yorkers can be an informal bunch.

Most New Yorkers don't have their own front or back yards, and apartments tend to be small. As a result, you'll find people doing private things in public spaces.

It's not uncommon to see women putting on their makeup outside, for instance. I've seen people brushing their teeth and shaving their beards with battery operated trimmers (!). It's not for the squeamish.

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s.c said...

Thanks for this urban streetshot Kitty. I am wondering what is that piece of furniture with the white cloth between the legs for thing. Never seen it before.

Kitty said...

That's not street furniture, it's someone's junk.
There is sometimes assorted trash outside, ha.

Hope you are well!

Leif Hagen said...

I just wonder if Margaret was reading the NY Times or the National Enquirer?!

Justin said...

So you are saying that not-New Yorkers do their make-up in their back yard? I do not see the connection. All over the world women put on make up in public, because women are weird.

RedPat said...

Nice catch Kitty!

Paul said...

I can think of no situation where I would brush my teeth on the street, even as someone who has no garden or yard.