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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Taking Out at the Stage Resturant, in the East Village

Stage Restaurant, NYC
Photo by myself, on Second Avenue around 8th Street in the East Village.

Stage Restaurant serves up everything from omelettes to challah French toast to borscht. Breakfast is served all day.

Mark and I were in the neighborhood this weekend, and they were busy. It looks like a small old-fashioned diner from the outside, with a counter facing a narrow open kitchen.

There is a pick-up window along the sidewalk that makes picking up orders easy. The window is probably open during the summer months, for fresh air.

I've never eaten there, but the online reviews are great. The menu is huge and the prices are reasonable. If we lived in the neighborhood, we'd be at that counter at least once a week.

For the menu and reviews, click here.


It's been cold and rainy here in the City. Mark and I will be away for a few days in Puerto Rico, where we went a couple years ago. We haven't had a break in a while, and this is a much-needed one.

Posts will continue daily here, as usual!

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Olivier said...

bonnes vacances et profite bien de la chaleur de Porto Rico ;)

Beata said...


I everyday follow your blog, from Poland:)

Nice shots and funny describe.
Be mercy for my english:)

pozdr, Beata

Kitty said...

Thank you, Olivier!!

Hi Beata,
Thanks so much. I have yet to visit Poland. It is on the list!

Best, K

Marcia said...

I have found that the small neighborhood places that serve human food and not elf food are the best. Here in Metro Detroit the best is Lafayette Coney Island.

Have a great Thanksgiving Day Kitty.