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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Behind the Counter at Ray's Candy, in Alphabet City

Inside Ray's Candy, NYC
Photo by myself in Ray's Candy Store, at 7th Street and Avenue A, in Alphabet City.

The signs inside Ray's Candy look un-spellchecked and unchanged from another time.

I stopped by this weekend for a snack of mouthwatering beignets, which are small pieces of fried dough, sprinkled with powdered sugar. They were divine!

This store is absolutely tiny, with just enough room for a couple customers to stand at the counter. Behind the counter is a whirlwind of signs and other crap, advertising what unhealthy stuff you can get here - egg creams, sandwiches, ice cream cones.

There have been rumors over the last couple years of Ray's closing its doors. I hope they are only rumors. This place is authentic as it gets.

Here's an interview with Ray, who started the store in 1974:

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Olivier said...

j’espère qu'il restera ouvert, c'est tellement NYC ces Fast Food Cart.

s.c said...

Ha the beignets looks a bit on dutch "oliebollen" a tradition with new years eve.

RedPat said...

Yummy unhealthy stuff for sure!

khUthU said...

ray's a gem. older peeps are like babies when it comes down to letting people love them. so love 'em please.

and ur doing awesome, kitty! much love. take care ;)