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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Flaming Cactus, in Astor Place

Flaming Cactus, Astor Place
Photo by myself in Astor Place, in the East Village.

An outdoor art installation called 'Flaming Cactus' uses brightly colored plastic zip ties to encase telephone poles. In the background is another piece of public art, called The Cube.

In Astor Place, the length of some poles are covered in bright orange, green or yellow ties. I didn't notice any signs explaining the work, so encountering these things is mysterious. You come away thinking that someone with a lot of energy passed through.

Fourteen poles were decorated last summer, and another 23 poles are to be covered on Spring Street, further downtown. The installation was created by Animus Art, which creates large, multimedia art works.

Fore more about the Flaming Cactus works, including more photos, check out the Animus Art website, here.

Flaming Cactus, Astor Place

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Wayne said...

So this is replacing knitting on lamp posts etc. ???

RedPat said...

Cool! And it is sanctioned.

The Nuno's Show said...

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Sorry about my English!

Andy said...

Is it just me? Some things I can't perceive as being art. The only art I see here, is your photos. Keep on clicking.

smudgeon said...

I like this idea - adds a touch of colour to an otherwise drab object.