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Monday, April 16, 2012

From High to Low, More Photos from Beijing

Wang Fu Jin, Beijing Photo by myself, of an outdoor street market in Wang Fu Jin, a neighborhood in Beijing, China.

Saturday, my father and I opted to visit a couple neighborhoods near Guo Mao, where we've been staying near my brother. Guo Mao is filled with modern office buildings for international trade, business and law. There are also many luxury hotels and high-rise apartment buildings.

We went to Liou Li Chang, a street known for its antiques, book and stationery stores. Booksellers settled there in the 1600s; prior to that, the area was known for a porcelain factory used during the Ming dynasty. Afterwards, we visited Wang Fu Jin, a popular area for locals, that has huge shopping malls.

An outdoor street market there was lined with little eateries. Similar markets are found here and there in Beijing, and are popular tourist attractions.

Our day trip proved how diverse the landscape is in Beijing - from outdoor escalators and huge LCD screens, to ancient narrow streets.

Liou Li Chang, Beijing Stores selling books, paper, brushes and art populate Liou Li Chang.

Wang Fu Jin, Beijing At an outdoor street market in Wang Fu Jin, you can get all sorts of delicacies on a stick. At this stall were lizards and crickets. Another stall had scorpions (!)

Wang Fu Jin, Beijing
More delicacies. I'm not sure what was being sold at this stall, possibly tripe.
Wang Fu Jin, Beijing Outdoor escalators and pedestrian bridges are common at busy locations, so crowds can cross the street.

Guo Mao, LCD Screen Bystanders ogled at the underwater display on a huge LCD screen in Guo Mao.

To read more about Liu Li Chang, click here.

My fiance Mark is helping me post photos while I'm in China. Blogger is banned, and I regret that I cannot respond to your comments or visit any blogger-hosted blogs, while I'm here.


Olivier said...

beau reportage photo, la derniere photo est surprenante et magique, j'adore

biebkriebels said...

I like the mix of old and new. Nice streetviews.

Luis Gomez said...

Thank you. These are wonderful.

Wayne said...

The changes are staggering since I was in China in '86.
There were no malls, outdoor escalators, etc.
There were no privately owned cars.
Enjoy your visit Kitty.

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