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Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Tour of The Summer Palace, In Beijing, China

Summer Palace, Beijing The cherry blossoms were abloom around parts of the Summer Palace, in Beijing, China.

The Summer Palace is a must-see destination, northwest of Beijing's city center. It was first built around 1750 and comprises 2.9 square kilometers (about 1.8 square miles). The palace has a large man-made lake that is fed by natural springs. Pavilions, walkways, and courtyards encompass the lake. I visited the Summer Palace with my father, sister-in-law and niece on Thursday and we were absolutely astounded by its enormity and grandeur.

During our afternoon visit, we were able to see only a fraction of the pavilions and buildings. As you can imagine, the lake provides a cooling focal point during the summer months. Visitors can purchase tickets for boat rides and walking tours. From what I noticed, all tours were held in Chinese.

You can get to the Summer Palace via taxi or subway. Fortunately, the grounds are large enough to absorb the crowds of people. Choose a non-weekend day to visit, to avoid the largest crowds.

Summer Palace, Beijing One of the many small buildings and bridges around the lake.

Summer Palace, Beijing
A view of the man made lake, at the Summer Palace.

Summer Palace, Beijing A ambidextrous performer created beautiful calligraphy letters on the flagstone, using long brushes that were dipped in water.

Summer Palace, Beijing A pavilion perched in the hillside is approached by a steep stairway.

Summer Palace, Beijing Visitors relaxed in the shade of one of the outdoor pavilions.

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My fiance Mark is helping me post photos while I'm in China. Blogger is banned, and I regret that I cannot respond to your comments or visit any blogger-hosted blogs, while I'm here. Posts will continue here while I'm on vacation. Some pre-scheduled posts will occur with photos of New York City.


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Thank you so much Kitty for these great images. Again, thanks Mark for posting.

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Great pics Kitty! Have fun.

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