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Monday, August 27, 2012

Cats for Hire at the Neko Cafe Keurig, in Fukuoka, Japan

Neko Cafe, Japan Photo by myself at the Neko Cafe Keurig in Fukuoka, Japan.

One of 30 cats at the Neko Cafe Keurig paid me no mind, Sunday afternoon. In the background is the petting room and cafe entrance.

I stumbled upon a unique cafe in the Daimyo shopping district of Fukuoka, Sunday. 'Neko' means 'cat' in Japanese. In Japan, for those who love cats but cannot own one, the solution is to visit a neko cafe and spend time with cats (!).

There were cats on high perches, and cats walking across gangplanks, and cats walking about with customers. Six cats slept on top of each other in the corner of the front window (!). Meanwhile, small kittens slept in cages.

I met the cafe owner, Kayano Nomura. She is a sweet lady who rescues cats from the streets and finds homes for them. Nomura has saved some 200 cats already (!). She made me feel right at home.

Neko feeding sm One customer held court with cat treats. Several hungry creatures clamored for her attention.

neka cats sm Adorable kittens rescued from the streets sat and slept in cages. The kitten looking at the camera and I had a nice play session.

neko ext sm The storefront of the cafe says it all.

A session of 30 minutes is 280 yen, or $3.50 US. Cooling drinks and snacks are served as well. I had a lovely time and will visit again on my next trip.

For more about the Neko Cafe Keurig and Nomura, including some great photos, click here.
For the Neko Cafe Keurig website, which links to their blog ('Today's Cat Cafe', both in Japanese) click here.

I am away in Japan through the rest of August! Posts will continue here, as usual.
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Olivier said...

voila un commerce bien original, j'aurais jamais pense que cela pouvait exister ;))

Banjo52 said...

What a great idea for stray animals. Somebody should do this for dogs too. Don't you think she could charge more than that? Or charge for drinks and food in addition to the cuddling charge? For performing such a fine service to cats and humans alike, I want her to get rich.

RedPat said...

I have heard of these before - wonderful idea! I bet you loved it.

Kitty said...

Hi Olivier!
I agree...so original. I was floored.

Hi Banjo
I can see this for dogs too, though they make a bit more noise than cats do, haha.

You were requested to have a drink or snack while there...but still, I would gladly donate to her as well. She is a good-hearted soul.

Thanks RedPat! It was a sweet experience!

Theresa H Hall said...

Glad to see someone doing this for the kitties.