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Friday, August 10, 2012

On the Subway Platform in Downtown Brooklyn

Metrotech station, nyc Photo by myself on the platform at the Metrotech station in Brooklyn.

A photo from a cooler time, when people wore jackets and weren't sweating like crazy.

It is very, very hot, and not just above ground. Below ground, the temperature is much warmer, since there is little air circulation. Plus, there's all the exhaust from the subway air conditioners.

When on the subway platforms, people stand very still with their arms out from their sides. I can't imagine what the fellows in suits do. (I think they take cabs).

Perhaps everyone has seen so much of the Olympics for the last couple of weeks? The photos in the NY Times showing highlights for each day are definitely worth browsing through.

All too often, we watch action go by on video. It's spectacular of course, but you forget that there are split seconds of time that you're missing.

I do wish the photos in the Times showed a larger spectrum of countries. The images do generally focus on the American atheletes. You can check out the photos here.

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James Wei said...

You are very brave to shoot in that location!

s.c said...

Great shot of the daily live again. Thanks Kitty.

RedPat said...

I got stuck in the States once during the Olympics and all that was on TV was the Americans - it was the worst coverage I have ever seen of an international event!

Cityencounters said...

Thanks for sharing the photo, it made me miss living in NYC (which is crazy because you know how much i *love* the NYC subway, haha!). I don't have TV so i found a way to stream the olympics on BBC's site (it tricks the site to think I am in the UK instead of the states) and it has been great watching it through their site!

Banjo52 said...

I like this shot, tho' the main thing I see is the people's separation from each other. The food vendor makes a bright, colorful boundary, but it's a barrier nevertheless.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.