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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Traffic on Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn

Brooklyn traffick Photo by myself on Flatbush Avenue, in Brooklyn.

Ahead, the Williamsburg Bank is the tallest building in Brooklyn.

The building located on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn, near the Brooklyn Academy of Music. In 2006, it was converted from an office building to luxury condominiums.

I was stuck in a cab in traffic, Tuesday night. There was a major snafu on subway lines to Brooklyn - the B, F, N, R and Q trains were delayed due to smoke on the train tracks.

My fiance Mark texted me at work with the news. I didn't want to risk getting trapped in the subway for a couple hours, so I jumped in a cab with another Brooklynite coworker. And then we hit traffic! 

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biebkriebels said...

Nice photo, the building looks like a huge finger pointing in the air.

kousuke said...

The crystal crossing lights are beautiful.

Chris Tremlett said...

Beautiful nightlife..Amazing view of the building..