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Friday, August 24, 2012

Walking by, in the East Village

East Village, nyc Photo by myself, in the East Village.

Outside a storefront in the East Village, all sorts of people were in mid-step.

I wish I'd taken other photos outside this store. Without a complete name or other markers, I can't figure out where in the city it was taken.

Edit: PS, thanks tons to EVGrieve for clarifying the location!!! It's Sixth and Avenue B, just near Tompkins Square Park. The area is low key and cool, untainted by chain stores.

By the way, we heard about a shooting near the Empire State Building all the way in Japan.

Special news reports were broadcast at 11pm Japan time, 10am New York Time. A gunman had opened fire on passersby on a weekday morning.

The police came by rather quickly but within seconds, ten people had been shot. I know the area intimately and most of the time, the sidewalks are packed with people waiting to enter the Empire State Building and boarding tour buses.

So after my telling everyone repeatedly on this blog that New York is safe, is a random shooting during a very busy time of day. Argh! A few weeks ago, another fellow was killed during the day by police. He had threatened people with a knife in Times Square.

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EV Grieve said...

Excellent photo!

This is Sunny & Annie's on Avenue B at East Sixth Street.

Terry at Blue Kitchen said...

New York is safe, Kitty. As safe as most cities (or suburban areas, for that matter) and safer than many. Safer than Chicago, where I live, is these days. But things happen. The shooter this morning was a 58-year-old man who had just been fired from his job. He shot and killed a former co-worker. Everyone else was shot in the exchange of bullets between him and the police.

biebkriebels said...

The shooting is because you are away in Japan. You can't leave a moment or NY is not the same anymore.

James Wei said...

These people looked so New Yorky. That careless and stuck up attitude lol