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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Outside Mascot Studio, in the East Village

Mascot Studio, nyc
Photo by myself on Ninth Street and Second Avenue.

Mascot Studio in the East Village frames fine art and sells decorative objects. I was drawn to the subtle colors of their storefront.

As the rest of the country, the city has been devastated by the news from Connecticut. Newtown is only 90 minutes north of Manhattan.

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Olivier said...

Une belle lumiere qui tombe sur la boutique

oui, triste nouvelle et ca fait
peur...peut etre qu'un jour la politique americaine changera sur les armes, mais j'y crois pas trop malheureusement

s.c said...

You can look everyday and find something new. Like your posts .

Lily Hydrangea said...

these colors are lovely, you've captured such pretty light here. & I love the studio's storefront lettering.
so sad about Newtown, unfathomable.

Alice said...

Nice pic. Looks like summer.

Ohh, to go back in time.