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Monday, April 29, 2013

Outside Casimir, on Avenue B

Casimir, Alphabet City
Photo by myself on Avenue B and 7th Street, in Alphabet City.

It used to be that you never ventured into Alphabet City, because it was dangerous and filled with homeless drug addicts. You might visit Avenues A and B in daylight, but people spoke of 'Avenue C and D' in hushed tones.

Now, near Tompkins Square Park, there are bars open to the street and little stores. There is a farmer's market outside the park every weekend, selling fresh produce from nearby farms.

I wouldn't say the area is totally spic and span. It's still rough around the edges. Mark, Rupert and I were there on Sunday, enjoying a sunny, breezy Spring day. It was quiet around 11am, with people still waking up.

I haven't been to Casimir, a small French restaurant, but Mark has and says it's great. It's gotten good reviews online. For their website, click here.

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RedPat said...

I wonder if Manitoba's serves Canadian food? ;-))

Jonny Olofsson said...

Nice picture with the motor cycle coming in from the right...

Lily Hydrangea said...

You've captured a perfect little slice of nyc life in this shot.