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Friday, April 12, 2013

The Chrysler Building, on Skin

Chrysler Building tatt, nyc
Photo by myself, on the Atlantic-Pacific Street subway platform, in Brooklyn.

Perhaps one of the coolest tattoos I've seen.

I noticed a young woman with her legs crossed on the commute into work, Thursday. She got out at Atlantic-Pacific to change trains, and for the split second that we were on the platform, I asked whether I could take a photo of her tattoo.

Of course, a moment later, the train arrived. And I completely forgot to ask what I really wanted to know - how long did the tattoo take to create? and...why that building?

Though I might not ask the second question, since I love the Chrysler Building, too.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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Andy said...

That's cool. Her leg is long enough to accommodate a taller building.

biebkriebels said...

I mostly don't like tattoos, but this one is really cool indeed.

Stefan Jansson said...

Very different.

RedPat said...


Lily Hydrangea said...

I love the Chrysler building too, but definitely not permanently tattooed onto my leg - though I wouldn't mind an impermanent one.

Rose ~ from Oz said...

I think the Chrysler is the most beautiful of all.....and I reckon that tat would have taken ages!

zeta6742 said...

Hi! This is my leg. It took a little over three hours and was done by Robert Bonhomme at The End Is Near (but he's at a different shop now). I got it because 1) it's my favorite building, 2) I love those moments when the New York skyline just knocks you out, and 3) I think skyscrapers show us what we're capable of.

Unknown said...

Cool to see that there are others who also love the Chrysler Building. I also have a tattoo of it on my leg:


Unknown said...
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