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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The View Above Park Avenue

Park Avenue, nyc
Photo by myself, on Park Avenue on the Upper East Side.

The view high above Park Avenue in the East 70's is an interesting one.

The distinctive layout of the street can be seen, below. Several lanes of traffic are separated by a green swath of plantings. All the yellow cabs were out delivering customers.

Across the street are terraced, pre-war apartment buildings. By zoning requirements, buildings must step back from the street on the upper floors. This allows for private terraces and gardens.

This photo was taken from the 11th Floor. Larger apartments cost tens of millions of dollars (!).

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Sharon said...

I just adore a penthouse view....give me Park Avenue.

Terry at Blue Kitchen said...

Welcome back, Kitty! Nice shot.

RedPat said...

I love all those terraces! Such prices for these apartments!!

Jonny Olofsson said...

A nice shot indeed. Like the constrast between the grey/brown buildings and the trees...