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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Protest, on the Steps of the New York Public Library

NY Public Library protest
Photo by myself, at the main branch of the New York Public Library.

Protesters occupied the steps of the main branch of the public library, Monday night. People held signs and handed out flyers to passersby.

The story I got from the protesters was that budget cuts will mean that some library branches will be eliminated.

Budget cuts also mean job losses, fewer books available for researchers and fewer library branches. At the same time, the buildings that once housed libraries would be available for developers. Developers mean tax money and future hotels or high-end real estate.

Ah yes, it's all about money.

There are many are very happy that New York withstood the recession for the most part. But there are also those who look around at the huge stores and very expensive apartments and long for 'Old New York', a city that was shabbier around the edges but that was filled with unique nooks and crannies.

For more about the libraries from the protesters point of view, visit their Save NYC Libraries website, here.

NY Public Library protest

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Olivier said...

ils ont bien raison de se defendre, moins de librairie, moins de culture....

biebkriebels said...

My heart is bleeding with those savings. A Public Library is vital for everyone and must be kept accesseble. It is the same here, little ones are closed or amputated. I worked for 25 years in a Public Library, thank heavens I am retired now.

Andy said...

It's sad when one of the most powerful nations in the world does not have enough funds to keep a library open. Ben Franklin must be rolling over in his grave.

s.c said...

I agree with bieb. When money talks every other argument seems futile. Indeed harsh times . If we could only change it a little bit.

Banjo52 said...

Books good. Empty minds bad.