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Friday, October 3, 2014

On Eighth Avenue, on the West Side

On Eighth Ave
Photo by myself on Eighth Avenue around 39th Street.

You'd be surprised how homely some blocks still are, in New York.

Eighth Avenue is still decidedly un-fancy. There are x-rated video stores and peep shows still, some stores selling inexpensive clothing and pizza joints.

Up ahead on the left, is the hulking Port Authority Terminal, with gigantic green trusses on all sides. Buses leave there for New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and upstate New York.

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Stefan Jansson said...

Funny that people still buy x-rated videos in stores. Very last Century I think!

s.c said...

When I look at the pavement layering cables and piping must give a lot of trouble with these concrete slabs but perhaps there are service strokes inside.

Ken Mac said...

Those are the oddest blocks up there...

Olivier said...

ah la 8eme avenue, pas loin du New Yorker, un endroit assez vivant

Ken Mac said...

Where you be?