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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Sunny Skies, in Santa Monica

Photo by myself on Ocean Avenue, in Santa Monica, California.

The weather in California has been incredible as usual, with brightly sunny skies, breezy winds and temperatures in the high 70's (about 26 Celsius).

We've been spending the past week here visiting family. It's been a wonderful break from the long winter in the northeast. There are palm trees along the roads, which still takes me some getting used to.

Even though the vegetation here is incredible, California has been going through one of its worst droughts. The state is rumored to run out of water a year from now.

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Rose ~ from Oz said...

Well then let's pray for rain before the year is out.
California's temps sound wonderful - pleased you enjoyed your visit :)
And yes, palm trees would need a little getting used to!

Ken Mac said...

last time I was there, someone drove a car down the pedestrian mall. Freaky. Have fun!