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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Latest Addition, at Home

Rupert and Maisie
Photo by myself at home, in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

I hope everyone is enjoying a fantastic holiday!

We've been busy with a new addition to our home, a little dog named Maisie. Above, she and Rupert have stopped playing for a split second and look extremely serious. Don't be fooled.

Maisie is about 3 years old and seems to be a mix of a very short long dog (maybe Dachsund?) and a larger dog (maybe a cattle dog?). She is super sweet and affectionate, and has turned out to be the perfect companion for our Rupert.

We honestly didn't think Rupert needed a friend. He's never very interested in other dogs on the street. But we've been thinking about adopting a rescued dog and one thing quickly led to another. All we can say now is that we are SO glad to have taken the plunge! We are a much more active household now. And Rupert is 1000% a happier dog as a result!

Tug of War
Rupert and Maisie are occupied with the art of tug of war and wrestling, 99% of the time. Above, a rope toy survives about 30 minutes before being destroyed.

Maisie underneath
Maisie takes refuge below a bench. She enjoys hoarding toys and biting rear legs.

By the way, if you care for a single dog, please consider adopting a second! There are so many wonderful deserving dogs out there in need of a family.

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biebkriebels said...

How nice to see a new dog around the house. Must be very great for good old Rupert to play with. Have a very nice 2016.

s.c said...

So Rupert has a new buddy for the new year as have you. Have indeed a great 2016.

Kitty said...

Hi Bieb! Thank you! Rupert is a completely changed dog. We are all so happy.
Happy 2016!!!

Agreed!!! I wish you a wonderful 2016 ahead!!!

Rose ~ from Oz said...

You've done it now Kitty - I'll be expecting more doggie posts with Rupert and |Maisie! she's gorgeous! Rupert is looking fine and handsome. May you all be happy with the new addition and HAPPY NEW YEAR Kitty!