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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Checking In, Checking Out

Lately I have abandoned writing. Life has been an insane swirl of FedEx races, cab rides home, meetings with developers, diva encounters and attempts to save the stray cats near Mark’s house.

If I had more time, I could make each experience an interesting read, but there ain't no time. I can feel the beginnings of burn-out.

Walking along, thoughts zip through my head, and just like that they are gone (not my head, the thoughts), vanished, forgotten. People at work give me concerned looks, saying ‘you look really, really tired’ and edge away. These are not good signs. After Monday, the load willl lighten a little. Thank goodness.

Anyway, I’ll leave off by mentioning one of my favorite shows of late, Confessions of a Matchmaker. It airs on the A&E channel at 11pm on Sundays and 3am on Mondays, and is yet another reason to get DVR.

The show takes place in Buffalo and is narrated by a spunky matchmaker named Patti, who counsels her clients before sending them out on blind dates. There are women with impossible lists of what they want in a mate, self-absorbed guys with horrible manners, and those in denial of their bad hair or sexuality. Each client has a glaringly obvious habit or strategy that prevents him from finding a partner.

The show is a hoot to watch. Mark will yell out in disbelief, ‘Who ARE these people?’ several times an episode. I'm impressed by Patti, who cuts through each client's issues and gives them honest, direct advice. I'm also impressed by these clients who might not have anticipated that their issues and dating lives would be so visible. Eek.

Here's a more detailed review of the show.

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Tammy Duplessie said...

I'm sooooo glad I am done with the dating scene!!!! Now I have a teenage daughter just entering it. My advice to her was "Boys are evil! Stay away from them!", but I don't think she is going to listen me. lol

kitty said...

wow, it must be hard as a mom when your kids date! yipes!! I think your advice is spot on!

dating is horrible. it's only fun when you don't take it seriously and you're not interested in anyone. Once you're interested, it's all over.