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Monday, July 30, 2007


This weekend, my parents called me from California and left a message on my cell.

My mom was saying, ‘Oh, hi honey, it’s 8:30 here, very early. We’re driving along and (blah, blah, blah…). Anyway, we wanted to call and wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!’

I could hear my father, who was driving, chime out in the background a little out of sync, ‘Happy Birthday!’

It was absolutely adorable and kept me laughing for about 20 minutes. I was in tears when I told Mark about it. He laughed a belly laugh and then called his mom to tell her.

The thing is, it wasn’t my birthday. They were a fully month early.


Photo by Melissann. For more great images, click here.


Tammy Duplessie said...

Happy Month Early Birthday!

One year on my birthday my sister wished me a Happy Birthday and my father kept saying that it wasn't my birthday. It took us a while to convince him it was. He was in his 70's though and had eight kids so I don't blame him for getting confused. He has passed away and every year on my birthday I remember this. I know I have a lot of memories for someone who is only 35. lol

Tammy Duplessie said...

Hey, where have you been?

kitty said...

hey tammy!
I just got back from a short business trip to Aspen. Life has been more than hectic.

I'll have to write all about it.
Nice seeing you!!