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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Latest

Here are some updates of things going on around me:

1. The Ill-Fated House
is being wrapped up at breakneck speed, since the owners want to move in asap.

On top of the list of Bad Things that have happened, the contractor just got through back surgery. My part in the house is wrapping up, so I don't feel like I'm in too much danger, but the decorator and I are treating the project as if it's hexed.

2. The Stray Cats
The grey cat I befriended turned out to be a female. She spent her days with a sweet, orange cat.

A group of us on the street where Mark lives are bent on rescuing these guys knew how limited we were on time. Soon enough, we noticed the grey cat's bulging stomach. Grey cat had kittens (two, as far as we know), and a couple weeks ago, mom and kittens were rescued from the street.

Orange cat is still at large, and hangs out with a new buddy, a black and white cat. Both are sweet and were probably housecats. They'll be rescued in the next week. Mark's neighbors and I have a website where we share information, and we're lining up homes for them.

3. The Divas
where I work are thriving. Sometimes they're infuriating, but they're generally hilarious and make my daily life fun.

'I'm looking for Stephen', I said one day, calling the conference room.

'She's not here,' was the reply. 'Stephen's got a cold and she's gone home for the evening.'

The divas where I work (mostly gay men) call each other 'girls' and 'bitches'. Sometimes they give each other attitude and the rest of the office quiets down, trying to overhear the small uproar over whose job it is to do whatever trivial thing they're bickering about.

After five minutes, the skirmish is over and the guns are put down. Conversation swings easily to the color of a particular carpet sample, or a fabric swatch. Never a dull moment.

Photo by myself of from Long Island City of the East River, beyond.


Tammy said...

Hi Kitty,

I had it done this morning and it was HORRIBLE! OMG it hurt! I hope I never have to have that done again.

Have a great weekend! Tammy

kitty said...

Tammy, I am so sorry!
but I'm glad you got through it. You can only get better from here on in, right?

healing hugs to you.
hope you have a good weekend too!

Tammy said...

Thanks Kitty! Your a sweetheart!