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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Al Dente

Early in the week I had a dentist's appointment. Note to self: never schedule a dental appointment for a Monday. It makes the Sunday Blues that much bluer.

Deep inside my mouth, the dentist said,'Flossing is the most effective way to preserve your teeth.' Meaning that I should do more of it.

I sent him a gargled reply, but what I really meant to say was, 'Yes, I know. You should talk to my Mom about this. She has perfect teeth. Zero cavities, teeth all lined up and nice. She loves her teeth and she loves to floss.'

My mother is a hoot. She is a certified Plant Fiend (more on that someday), and she is an avid flosser. For the record, Mom prefers the classic Johnson & Johnson waxed floss, either unflavored or mint.

Example: several years ago, Mom and I went to London for vacation. At one point in a cafe near St. Martin-in-the-fields, she whipped out the floss. It's a reflex with her and she forgot where we were. Cafe tables were pushed up to each side of us, 6 inches away. (No worries, I stopped the situation from progressing).

During our week abroad, we also took a day trip to Bath. We toured the Roman Baths and Sir John Soane's house (ours was an architect's and horticulturist's vacation). We stopped by the Royal Crescent by John Wood the Elder - an oval sweep of townhouses fronted by a huge green lawn. I'm not sure of the statistics how big this place is, but it is BIG.

Long story short, I was on one end of the green and, looking back at the other end, I could see Mom sitting alone on a bench. Meaning I could see a speck of color I that assumed was my mother because the speck was flossing.


I felt what wildlife camera people must feel, set up in their blinds. They are there to spy on the elusive arctic fox, and there it is in its natural habitat, preening itself.

All this I would have told my dentist, given the chance.

Top photo by myself on a sunnier day, in Little Italy.


Spandrel Studios said...

Dentists don't realize how much fascinating conversation they miss out on by asking questions at the exact moment you can't possibly utter an intelligible answer.

Me, I hate flossing. As with vegetables, I know it's good for me, but some days I just can't be bothered.

Anonymous said...

We Brits are notoriously bad when it comes to teeth! And I am a typical Brit who only goes to the dentist when something either hurts or falls out (of my mouth that is!)

It must be a very unpleasant job to do though - being a dentist.

mama's got moxie said...

oh, i wish i could be addicted to flossing!! haha...