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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Tis the Season

Thanks so much for all the kind wishes for Clive, Mark's car. We picked him up today from the hospital in Lawn Guyland and he's made a full recovery. It was simply a loose connection. Whew! We are relieved.

I am sadly unprepared for the holidays. Today I finally made reservations for LA to visit my parents (I can procrastinate about certain things). Even though Thanksgiving was early this year and the streets are littered with Christmas shoppers, it still doesn't feel like the holidays to me.

On the way to pick up Clive in Lawn Guyland, we passed a couple houses that went a little nuts with their decorations. This one especially:

In the city, people might put a candle in the window, but that's about it. In Manhattan, you don't get much control over the building exterior unless you own a brownstone. In Brooklyn, there are more single family houses, but homeowners are either unambitious or terribly lazy. Decorations are not common.

The larger apartment buildings might have a few lights at the entrance, but it's the stores and restaurants that go hog wild.

What can I say, it's New York, the capital of sheer commercialism!

Top photo by myself in Soho. Lower photo by myself in Lawn Guyland.


Spandrel Studios said...

That picture reminds me how when I was growing up, there was one house where the family went all-out with the decorations. They posted beautiful placards of holiday wishes and built life-size dioramas of holiday and nativity scenes -- all homemade and hand-painted. The Dad had even rigged up an animatronic santa, which was especially cool 30 years ago. I miss the homemade aspect of those kinds of decorations.

You knew somebody's heart really went into it each year they appeared.

Tammy said...

WOW!!! Can't say much more than that on that house. I wouldn't want their power bill at the end of December.

kitty said...

Spandrel, the animated Santa sounds cool! Much cooler than the inflatable Santoids you see round.

Tammy, the electricity part bothers me, too. I tell myself there's a monkey inside the house pedaling a bicycle to power it all

mama's got moxie said...

oh my goodness!! i almost fell out of my chair laughing at all of those wacky decorations!! awwww, but i bet an elderly couple lives there. they've probably been collecting decorations for decades!! :)