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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

For Your Entertainment

Who else is completely hooked on Kitchen Nightmares, Gordon Ramsay's show? The show is on Fox, Wednesdays at 9pm.

I have to say it's sheer genius. Gordon swoops into failing kitchens, unearths problems and solves them. Most of the problems are people - cooks infatuated with themselves and their menus, managers in denial.

I never got into Hell's Kitchen, Gordon's previous Fox show, but this one seems much more positive. Ramsay doesn't just yell, he renovates the dining rooms and the menus. He yells when needed at an annoying chef or passive owner, and all you can think of is 'YES'! This is a show where the good guy always wins. Or he at least gets to yell at the bad guy.

Mark and I are so hooked on the show that we've been watching the earlier BBC series, too. (The American version is decidedly more glamorized).

We've been debating on whether to visit one of the many improved restaurants in and around New York, or better yet, Gordon's restaurant near Times Square, The London.

After a quick look at The London's menus, we're making a reservation. It'll be a small investment but already the night sounds remarkable.

A recent commercial Mark produced for Samsung, above.

The 30-second spot premiered nationally during the World Series. It's now being shown in theatres during movie previews.


Anonymous said...

I hope this doesn't mean you are getting spoiled, Kitty!!!?

You know what? I have a secret crush on Gordon Ramsay. Well, it's not so secret anymore is it?

Jenn said...

I started watching "Kitchen Nightmares" a few weeks ago and am also now totally hooked. Last night's was great, although I don't think they could get any better than the italian restaurant he revamped last week. That was some good television.

mama's got moxie said...

oh my goodness... my husband and i watch "kitchen nightmares" every week and we've also caught a few of the bbc episodes. i love that show, but it kinda makes you not want to eat out ever again because you're constantly wondering if the restaurant has mold growing in its freezer!

Spandrel Studios said...

Will have to check out this show - it sounds too good to miss. Also, I really like Mark's commercial - the music's perfect!

fishwithoutbicycle said...

I haven't got around to watching the American version of Kitchen Nightmares, but I loved the English version.

Enjoy the London, I was there last December and really enjoyed it. Go with a very empty stomach, it's a LOT of food :-)

kitty said...

haha. Have y'all noticed Gordon takes his shirt off every other episode?

I want to tell him to get over himself, but I think it'd hurt his feelings.

Anonymous said...

The American versions of Ramsey's programmes are unwatchable. They are truely awful.

Anonymous said...