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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Urban Couples, Part Six, Or, My First Date with Mark

Due to overwork and various moodswings, I never got around to writing about my first date with Mark. He was the fourth in the series of dates that took place over five days more than two a half years ago.


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When I first saw Mark's profile on the dating site, I thought whoa. He sounded verrry different from every other guy I've dated. His profile was chock filled with stuff. He was an avid music collector. He was an unabashed media whore. He'd traveled just about everywhere. He sounded effusive and confident and outgoing. He worked in tv.

As a cavewoman who didn't have cable and knew almost nothing in terms of pop culture, I found the concept frighteningly odd. It was like the hip, popular guy asking the geeky girl in the corner on a date.

But I was going along with the whole thing, open to anyone, as my friend Lucy had instructed. After meeting the tango fiend and the (cheap) teacher guy, I was not afraid. It would only be one drink, after all.

There were a couple emails back and forth. He wrote one that was very long, describing himself, his childhood in Lawn Guyland, his travels, his thoughts on things. Every word was spelled correctly, all the grammar was correct, and it was funny. I was impressed.

So I wrote back and we planned on a drink after I returned from my week in California. But before I returned, there was an accident. While playing kickball, Mark slid into home plate, leaning into one side. There was a loud snap as all his bodyweight landed on his right wrist, breaking it. Yowch.

Cut to date night, a Monday. We meet at Union Square. There he was, leaning up against one of the railings, his right arm in a cast. He wore a blue dress shirt the color of blueprint paper and jeans. He gave me a little smile and a kiss on the cheek, and then we walked to a nearby bar.

'What'll you have?' the bartender asked.

'Oh, a gin and tonic,' said the cavewoman.

'Make that a top shelf gin,' Mark said. 'Tanqueray, or Bombay Sapphire, one of those.'

The bartender looked at me. 'A Tang and tonic,' I must have said. I was too consumed with being impressed to know whether I was speaking English.

The evening skipped along quickly. There was light-hearted, animated talk, but I don't remember a thing we said. We hopped to a second bar nearby. And then the worst thing that could have happened happened. Mark asked me out for a second date.

'So I'd like to see you again. What are you doing this weekend?' he asked.

Lucy had instructed that one should always be busy when asked for the second date. But what if you're tipsy in mid-drink and caught off guard? What if you're a horrible liar when face to face with someone? What then?!?!

The poor cavewoman could do nothing but say um, yes, this weekend sounded great.

And that was that.

Photo by myself, of one of the many coffee carts littered about the sidewalks, in Soho.


Carrie Smith said...

Good Morning Kitty,

Just stoppin' by to say hello, can you beleive that it's Friday already, where has the week gone.

This is girlfriend/sister week and I have something for you on my blog (rantings of a woman)

more great pics, Kitty!

Happy Holidays

Anonymous said...

Awwww good, I'm so glad you didn't stick to that silly rule and make up some crappy excuse. Saying "yes" was definitely the right thing.

I thought of you yesterday. I was at our Christmas do and as I looked around at all the scruffy, hippy academics in the room, I thought of you and that photo you put up on your blog of the Metrosexuals. I wish I'd had my camera with me - but I did not.

Tammy said...

...and they lived happily ever after. That was a great end to your online dating experience. Have a great weekend my friend!

Spandrel Studios said...

What a great story, Kitty - sounds like you've met your match in Mark!

kitty said...

Thank you Carrie, how great?! I must catch up with these awards.

RB - I carry my camera with me constantly, and it's breaking my back. But I love it. Your comrades sound so interesting!

Thanks Tammy and SS! Ours was a whirlwind romance. Dating is such a crapshoot in this city and I know I'm very lucky :-)

Just Jinny said...

I want you to know that I have enjoyed reading your blind date stories. Thank you for sharing.

New York City First Date said...


I like that, you chose to not play mind games with Mark. The general consensus is that men like to chase and want a challenge. However these rules are not always applicable.

Boy and Girl Downtown said...

Ha! I love this story. I like that dating sites actually work. It seems like a daunting process, so kudos for finding Mark that way!

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