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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Feets, Don't Fail Me Now

I'm used to doing a bucketload of work at the last minute, but I can't do it while wearing tight shoes. Forget it. I had to leave the office early-ish tonight, promising myself to return early-ish tomorrow.

I've been trying to break in a pair of shoes over the last couple months, and it's killing me. I hobbled out for lunch today and couldn't muster up taking photos, even though it was brightly sunny outside. The feet, they hurt.

I splurged and bought some Shoe Stretch, which helped a little. Four bucks, just like that. The shoe guy probably got it for two bucks, just for keeping it on the shelf. The manufacturer probably made it for ten cents.

I never thought I'd become a New Yorker, but now I wear uncomfortable, moderately fashionable shoes, and I spend four bucks for a tiny helping of liquid. Never in my life did I think I'd become a slave to fashion or (relatively) free with money.

Four bucks ain't much, but I was brought up in New England, folks! My family clipped coupons and thought twice before turning on the heat. The scrimping wasn't about so much about a lack of money as it was a matter of principle - why use an umbrella? It's only water. Why turn on the heat? Just layer on sweaters, a couple pairs of pants and socks.

My mother grew almost all the vegetables we ate, including corn, tomatoes, spinach, green beans and okra. We drove our dented white Ford until it practically collapsed, and never, ever took it to the car wash.

Tomorrow my boss will be away and I'll go in wearing my sneakers. I need to get a lot done and I need to be comfy doing it. My sneakers are black with white piping, not the big hideous white gym boats some women wear en route to the office. Of course, I wouldn't be caught dead in those.

Photo by myself in Park Slope, Brooklyn. During renovations, a bar discovered an old painted sign for pain relief.


Spandrel Studios said...

Hi, Kitty!
It's amazing how miserable tight shoes can be. If your feet are squeezed, it can be hard to concentrate - have totally been there, so I feel your pain!

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Painful shoes are the worst. I can get snappy if my feet hurt. I've adopted the NY thing of wearing sneakers to walk into work - well it is 2miles, so I couldn't do it in heels - and then changing into my heels when I get there, which I then kick off under my desk. Like you though I don't go in for hideous white sneakers. I have to go buy nice coordinating ones that coordinate with my outfit. I own a lot of sneakers/leisure shoes for walking around NY. Have a great weekend.

Btw LOVE that photo. Which bar is that in Brooklyn? The sign looks familiar.

mama's got moxie said...

oh, the achy feet syndrome... how i know thee well!! hahaha! i totally cracked up when you said why use an umbrella, it's only water. funny stuff!! anyway, hope your feet are comfy today while you rage against the machine and rock your sneakers to work!!

Ruvym said...

I don't think there's anything wrong with spending some money on stuff that you need or looking nice (even while maybe a little uncomfortable). I can't tell if you speak of the old days with total nostalgia or a mix of beign nostalgic and grateful for some evolution. Embrace it, don't forget your roots, but be psyched that you have the good fortune to see another side to things. I was raised in a working class family that slowly climbed into the middle class, and all the while, even while things were tight, they always prided themselves on dressing well, having a nice house, a nice car, etc. There's a comfortable middle ground where you don't have to put on the golden handcuffs and you don't have to feel like a schlub because you don't want to buy new socks even though your old ones have holes.

As for those monstrous sneakers women wear to work. Gross. Maybe I sound a little pretentious here. I used to think they were sort of cute, charming, I don't know. But now I just think they look ridiculous. I can't even bring myself to wear sneakers with slacks when I leave the gym; the shoes come back on.

Tammy said...

I have a pair of gorgeous boots with the thin high heel. I can only wear them for a couple of hours without killing my feet, but for those couple of hours my feet look hot!

Anonymous said...

I always wear comfortable shoes although not trainers. I wear Doc Marten style footwear. I walk miles every day - usually about 4 miles taking the children to and fro from school.

Piles? haha another word not used in the US? Piles my dear girl are haemorrhoids - not pleasant at all! Not that I have any, I hasten to add. But my granny always used to say that you got piles if you sat down on a cold and damp surface!

Just Jinny said...

Oh, I have shoes like that and I'm not even a New Yorker. I call them my 'made for sitting and looking cute' shoes.

Kitty said...

how pretentious and silly of me to think only NYers sacrifice comfort for beauty. What was I thinking.

The bar is a new place in Park Slope. I think it's called Sidecar, on 5th Ave around 16th Street. Very nice ambiance. Laid back, yet special.

I love old painted signs. They have such charm. :-)

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Thanks for the info on Sidecar - I haven't been there, so now I'm racking my brains wondering where it reminds me of. Anyway Sidecar sounds like a great spot and it gives me a good excuse to visit my Park Slope pals - not that I really need one :-)