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Friday, January 11, 2008

I Deserve a Break Today

Valentines Already
What a *@&! long day. I got in around 8 and stayed past 9. We barely got everything together and there's still some to do before we leave Sunday. I wish we'd started sooner. I wish we'd done more. It's always the same feeling.

Today the office treated us to lunch, which was great since it was raining heavily. We had burgers with toppings, and giant tins of onion rings and french fries. Oh dear. When faced with free food I have zero self-control, and regrettably had two cheeseburgers.

What an embarrassing coincidence since last night, Mark and I had three mini burgers each, for dinner. So in the space of two days, I've had five burgers of various sizes.

I went through a similar binge several years ago when I went on the Atkins Diet for kicks. Incidentally, I tried the Atkins together with dear Liz, whom I wrote about recently. We sat back to back in the office and would swivel around to joke and check on each other's progress.

As most people know, it's tough finding non-carbohydrate foods to eat, particularly for breakfast. I often had cottage cheese or eggs. In the first week, I had pork chops five times. (I had pork chops all over the place, and highly recommend the ones from Republic in Union Square. They are delectable).

I didn't weigh myself, but I know the diet worked. At the end of two weeks, my cheeks were sunken in. Sadly, around this time I bought a nice dress made of stretch denim. After the diet, I couldn't fit into it, even with the stretch.

I know my eating habits are a result of stress. Working like this combines the worst of everything - having a lot to do along with the potential for failure at a meeting. Since I'm putting in effort, I feel like I deserve something nice, which translates into comfort food. So I feel stressed, then I feed my face, then I feel awful for feeding my face.

Well, we'll see. The hotel where we're staying next week has a gym, and I'll be bringing my big white pair of sneakers. There's some hope for me, still.

Photo by myself, in Greenpoint. Already, retailers are looking toward the next holiday.


Reluctant Blogger said...

I wouldn't beat yourself up too much about a bit of poor eating. Everyone does it when they are too busy to cook properly.

It's so hard to stay thin and fit when you have so little time to exercise or eat properly.

I am lucky in a way I guess because I always respond to stress by not eating - so I tend to faint in public places rather than bloat out. Rather more embarrassing really.

What about soup in a flask? I did try that for a bit. I tired of it after a while but it was quite healthy, quick and you can make lots at one go. But yeah, when others tempt you with offerings, it is hard (maybe impolite!!!) to refuse.

Spandrel Studios said...

It's a lot easier when the people you work with are doing the same diet. I joined WW online (yay, no meetings!) at the same time a few others I worked with did, and having coworkers doing the same eating plan was helpful - we shared useful tips all the time.

My last job, I worked with a woman who didn't eat all day long. She spent every lunch hour walking around the city, shopping. I ended up snacking less and losing 8 lb!

During times of high stress, I reach for the comfort foods, too. Those giant, black-and-white cookies are my downfall: portable, sweet, yummy.

Hang in there, and know that you'll be back on track soon!

The Uneasy Supplicant said...

What an excellent shot. You captured the lighting in the window perfectly.
As for the binges...I see it as an oh well. Not like it happens everyday.
Take care.

Kitty said...

RB it's funny I handle work stress by eating and emotional stress by not eating. I'd rather not eat any day, so I envy you!

I'll have to cook more, I think. That'll help.

SS, yeah, eating is so social. Mark loves the b/w cookies. Thankfully i don't have a sweet tooth.

Uneasy, thanks for the compliment. I've become addicted to snapping photos!

Just Jinny said...

I have a funny story to tell you! My husbands Grandmother and husband moved here this summer from PA. They had never even been here, but here they came to live. On the way down they stopped in Dallas for the night and she and her sister (who came to help drive) ran out for some burgers. I don't know where they went but the place offered 'mini' burgers. The sister, thinking that they were much like the 'mini' burgers up north (where you can eat three or more), ordered several. Imagine their surprise when they realized that OUR mini-burgers were actually normal sized hamburgers (not whoppers or quarter pounders, just regualr burgers) with nothing MINI about them. lol.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Kitty, I hope you are enjoying some well deserved R&R after your 13+hour day on Friday.

I second you on the pork chops at Republic, they are delicious. Porkwise for me they are second only to the pork buns at Momofuku Ssam. Mmmmmmmm!!

I've been trying to cut down the carbs myself, but it only seems to make me want bread, so I think I've put weight ON!!!!! Aaaiieeee!!

mama's got moxie said...

whew honey!! get some rest so you can properly digest all them dang burgers!! ;)

Tammy said...

What is it about free food, it always tastes better. LOL! I'm expecting to see some photos while you are on your business trip. BTW, I changed to my own domain. Can you change my link in your blogroll to www.momknowseverything.com? Thanks, Tammy!

Kitty said...

congrats, Tammy. The domain is a great idea!