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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Duty Calls

I'm going to miss posting for a few days. I'm off today and I'll be back Wednesday after a series of meetings, site visits and a presentation.

I won't burden everyone here with my worries about the trip. On top of the stress, I have a serious cold. Yesterday I sneezed 100 times in rapid succession and went through a box of tissues. Mark and I made a special trip for black and white cookies and I sneezed four times at the counter. Everyone, including the cashier, backed away.

Mark happens to be now having knee trouble. He was an active gymnast, wrestler and all else growing up, and now it's starting to show. He's been limping and moaning and leaning on me, and I've been sneezing and moaning and holding him up. We look like survivors escaping a zombie outbreak.

If I have time to post, I certainly will. My trusty camera is coming with me. The temperatures in Aspen are in the 20's. A hot bath and a glass of wine are on the top of my list when we arrive.

Photo by myself in Brooklyn.


A Red Mind in a Blue State said...

Try hot lemon, herbal tea,and a shot of brandy.

Or hot water, steeped mint and a shot of brandy,

Or just several shots of brandy.

Won't do a damn thing for your cold, but should perk up your presentation! And tell Mark one of the remains of the day for young athletes are the obligatory knee scoping and shoulder cortisone shots--something your coach never told you about!

Feel better.

Anonymous said...

I hope it goes well. Usually with these things the stress goes away when you actually get on with it. The worrying beforehand is much worse. I always used to take a cold remedy before an important lecture if I felt nervous - they have a mild sedative effect!!

Poor Mark! Are you sure he is not just trying to compete with your sneezing fit? Men like to have something much worse wrong with them at any point in time. Put a beer across the room and go as if to knock it over and see how quickly he runs to save it? Then you'll see how bad his knee really is!!

Hope you are feeling better anyway.

Tammy said...

I hope both you and Mark feel better soon. Have a successful trip!

Anonymous said...

Better tell Mark to get used to it. Sorry. I have followed the same road myself. Eventually you accept the aches and pains caused from the folly of youth :-)
I do hope you feel better soon.
And of course...have a great and highly successful trip.
Take care.