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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Open Country

Photo by myself in Aspen, Colorado.


I missed posting here these last few days. I didn't realize what a habit I had with writing and posting my photos.

It was absolutely beautiful in Aspen. Wow. I've been there several times, but these last few days were spectacular - stunningly bright, the mountains and trees tipped with snow. There were skiers and snowboarders everywhere, just soaking up the natural beauty.

I traveled with a colleague, Sarah. Our days were busy. There was a site visit and meetings and discussions with a new client. There was a lunch we had at the base of the mountain, where you could get tomato soup for a whopping nine bucks. There were a couple of really nice dinners I had while sitting in bed, watching Discovery channel on the big flatscreen tv.

I wish I had interesting tales to tell, but alas, I'm still recovering from the trip and my lingering bad cold. For now, the few photos I'm showing here will have to do.

I wanted to take pictures of everything - how cute the town looked with its Christmas lights at night, some of the immense houses we drove by, the wind swept skiers, the mountains littered with gonolas.

There wasn't any time to snap many photos. These will have to do.


Photos by myself in Aspen, Colorado.


Reluctant Blogger said...

Oh Wow, snow photos are my favourites (well, I also have a strange love of photos of industrial landscapes at sunset!). I am a big skier so looking at that made me long to go to the snow.

You were sorely missed. I was thinking to myself the other day when I updated my links on my blog, which were my favourite blogs. I couldn't decide because it depends on my mood - and really it is the variety that is out there that is the key. But I really missed yours - honestly. There is something, I'm not sure what really, it isn't just the photos, but you are so you without ever being mawkish or too personal or trying too hard to be witty. So I am glad you are back!

Ooops - that was a bit soppy wasn't it! Must have been the snow that did it.

Hope you get over your cold soon.

Kitty said...

Thank you, RB! Your blog is a favorite of mine as well.

I had such a hard time of writing last night, never mind thinking of a post title. Mark had to pitch in and help. It was only a few days away and already, I'm rusty.

I'm glad to be back, too. It felt like a long time away.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Lovely photos Kitty, I've never been to Aspen, it looks gorgeous. Hope you recover from your cold soon. Stay warm this weekend, I saw NY is supposed to drop to 22F on Sunday. Brrrrr!!

Spandrel Studios said...

Welcome back! I'm not a cold-weather girl, but the scenery there looks beautiful... you take lovely pictures, Kitty.

Hope your cold is over before you know it!

penpusher said...

Hello, welcome back! Have been hanging out to see more posts from you :)

Aspen is beautiful! Hope you recover from your cold soon, and what a great job you have!

Kitty said...

Thanks, ladies!
It's good to be back. There were definite moments while I was away when the pressure was on, that I wished I were posting here where everyone's on my side.

Penpusher, I'll have to add your link to my blogroll. Love your photos!!