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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It Snowed Today in The City

Snowy UWS
Photo by myself tonight on the Upper West Side.

Snow covered all the cars along West End Avenue.


It started snowing today around noon and it didn't look too bad. Then it kept snowing.

By the evening, it was either hailing or raining, I don't know which. I just know that I was bareheaded, laden with groceries and getting walloped in the head by whatever was falling from the sky. All this year we've been wondering whether it'd ever snow in New York again, and here's our answer.

Since I've gotten back from my business trip, things at work have been calm. Usually I'm stressed out, thinking about the next deadline, but it's been okay.

I won't be leaving for the new job until next month, and I'm starting to miss my coworkers already. I haven't told anyone about my leaving. It's a strange, mixed feeling, when you know too much.

It's as if you're lurking behind curtains while a party is going on. Everyone is laughing, making fools of themselves, utterly carefree. Your feeling is strangely nostalgic, not for the past, but for the present. 'This is where I am right now, I'm not going to be here much longer. I need to savor it while I can.'

It's the same feeling I get walking around the City. There's a party going on. I need to savor it while I'm here.


BrianC said...

Does the new job mean you're leaving New York City?

And don't you just love the "snow + rain = slush" combination? A bit of snow can make the city beautiful. But the dirty slush just saps my will to venture outside.

Kitty said...

Hi Brian
I'm not leaving NYC, but I feel nostalgic anyhow. Weird, eh?

yeah, the slush is horrible. I'm short in footwear!

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Phew Kitty, I thought for a second you were leaving NYC too.

Sorry you were without a hat last night, that weather wasn't fun, it was like a combination of sleet and hail. Freezing rain is how they referred to it on TV.

sid said...

Glad to hear that work isn't too hectic at the moment.

Fredrik said...

Hi, I just discovered your blog. And like it a lot! Me and my wife are saving for a trip to NY next year and this site is a great inspiration. We want to stay at least two weeks but wonder if spring or autumn is the best time? What would you recommend? Thanks for sharing your interesting life in a marvellous city.

Kitty said...

Hi Sid!
Thanks and welcome back!

Hi Fredrik!
Thanks! I'll have to visit your blog as well.

You pose a tough question. Spring and Autumn are both beautiful times to visit. I personally prefer spring/early summer, just because it's so great after a long winter. Both times are wonderful.

There are always a string of lovely days in May/June where you can eat outside, saunter the streets and just enjoy. With how the weather is going, April will probably be nice, too.

In the fall, the leaves are turning color. You'll enjoy walking around the city til late October. (We had a day in January where people were wearing shorts!)

If you're into tennis, the fall would be an incentive with the US Open. In either season, you can't go wrong.

Bring comfy shoes! Come to think of it, I'll post on what I recommend to do here as a visitor.

Best, K

Sturgent said...

I miss the snow.
I live in florida now for 15 years and in that 15 year period have only seen snow once...

When i was a kid the cold didn't bother me and I loved playing in the snow - ofcourse the snow ball fights that turned to ice ball fights were that fun, but i survive... with minor brian damage....lol

Kitty said...

lol, Sturgent. Welcome.

I think most people can bear less and less cold as they get older, so by the time they're further on, they just want to wake up to sunshine and humidity every day.

Florida isn't so far away. You ought to come and visit!

penpusher said...

Hello Kitty :) I'm back in the blogosphere, lol

I love this photo!! It looks so magical. I wish it snows in Australia :(

Phew I thought you were leaving NYC too!


Kitty said...

Welcome back, Penpusher!
I'm so glad. I've been missing your wonderful photos.

I wish I had a tripod with me sometimes. Those would help with the night shots!