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Monday, February 11, 2008

Cold Reality

Herald Square
Photo by myself in Herald Square.

This area is packed heavy foot traffic. With Macy's and other large stores located here, the sidewalks are rarely empty.


This morning I got out of the plane to 12 degree weather (not counting frigid wind chill). Oh my god. So cold!!

I don't have much to write today, since I spent most of it nodding off!

I hope everyone is warm tonight. It is chilly outside.


sid said...

Agh for some reason I can never view your photographs. Damn IT department.

Kitty said...

Sid, I'm sorry to hear that

My suggestion is piping into the feed?

Mike said...

Hi Kitty. That is a nice picture. We got lucky here. It has not been that cold this winter in New York.

Tammy said...

Stay warm my friend!

Kitty said...

thanks, Mike!
Funny, some of us were remarking how un-cold and un-snowy it's been here. And then we were walloped by snow today. D'oh.

Hi Tammy!
Nice seeing you. Hope you're warm, too!