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Friday, February 15, 2008

A Bit More on Celebrity, Past and Present

12 bucks an hour
Photo by myself, near Union Square.

There are many parking lots in New York, where gizmos create double decker spaces.


After a glass of wine and a yummy meal out, I suddenly have nothing to write about. Funny, how that happens. Only two small, somewhat related things come to mind:

I had another celebrity sighting yesterday. Woohoo. I saw Sam (Talbot) from Top Chef Season Two, walking up University Place, looking tallish and bald. He'd shaven his head, like so many contestants that season. (Hair is an easy way to express oneself, and that was a particularly expressive bunch). Sam was sauntering by himself, talking on the phone.

That makes five or so celebrities I've seen in my ten-plus years here? Of course, I exaggerate, and I'll have to get an accurate count. For whatever reason, celebs seem to scamper away when they see me coming.

Speaking of celebs, Mark and I watched part of Sixteen Candles tonight. I've never watched it all the way through (yes, my childhood was that sheltered) and I can't figure out why it was such a hit.

Anyway, I got to wondering whatever happened to Molly Ringwald.

The first thing I did was to Google her, and lo and behold, not much has happened to Molly since the 80s, except poor judgement. She turned down lead roles for what turned out to be successful movies like Blue Velvet, Pretty Woman and Ghost.

Coincidentally, her birthday's next Monday, and she's turning 40. How crazy is that?

I am shocked. I'm sure Molly's more shocked than I am.


fishwithoutbicycle said...

Didn't Molly Ringwald pop off and work in France for a few years? I seem to remember that being mentioned when she popped up for a stint in Caberet a few years back.

I never saw Sixteen Candles, but I loved loved loved The Breakfast Club.

Have a great weekend Kitty.

Anonymous said...

They probably think you are a member of the paparazzi since you are always camera in hand. I bet they are all diving into alley ways and places like that as you approach.

I never see anyone either. I am not good with people out of context - so if I see someone famous I tend to think it is someone I actually know and do daft things like say "hello" and then think "um, I know them. Are they from the ski club or the school?" Then realise they are someone famous.

Kitty said...

good memory, Fish.
Yes, she appeared in Cabaret. What I read was neither flattering nor critical.

Lovely to see you!

Hi RB!
I'm always a little speechless when I see these people. I can't imagine saying anything to them (when they actually dare to show themselves!)

Spandrel Studios said...

Back in the early 90s, I was leaving the Hearst Magazines office after interviewing someone there, and as the two of us walked out of the elevator and around the corner, I literally bumped into Helen Gurley Brown, the Cosmo editor, nearly knocking the poor woman off her heels! If it weren't for the guy I was interviewing -- who gallantly caught her by the elbow -- she would have take a tumble.

I was mortified.

Kitty said...

That's a cool story, though, Spandrel. What was Helen wearing??

I'm pretty sure little Jane Pauley was wearing a little skirt suit when I stood behind her at Citerella, but I was so surprised to see her I was probably hallucinating!

Tammy said...

That red car really stands out in the parking lot.

Molly Ringwald, man does that bring memories back. The Breakfast Club was my favorite, but I didn't like Pretty in Pink.

Spandrel Studios said...

Thanks, Kitty! As I recall, HGB wore an enormous, dramatic hat... but I can't recall the details of her dress.

Kitty said...

Tammy, how neat! I didn't notice that.

Spandrel, I wish we lived in the era of big hats. It takes real gumption to wear a fashion hat these days.

Ming the Merciless said...

I saw Hye Park (the hottest Asian-American models working today) in SoHo last Friday and had a photo taken with her.

Kitty said...

Ming, I assume Hye is Korean? Her name sounds Korean.
I hope you posted the picture on your blog. I'd love to see that!