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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Greetings from Snowy Aspen

Photo by myself today in Aspen, Colorado.

You can see the gondolas lace up the mountains at unbelievable inclines, while the town below is beyond charming.


After working all morning and early afternoon, I was finally able to walk around this beautiful town. It's been snowing lightly all day and threatens to snow all night. I have a flight to LA tomorrow morning, and I pray it won't be delayed.

Because of the snow, the skies were white today rather than blue. Skiers were trooping all over the place in their ski boots, while I scampered in my sneakers, looking very much the doofus.

It was brisk outside, but I didn't mind the cold because everything was so picturesque - the town still decorated with Christmas ribbons, and the impossibly steep mountains with their advanced trails and evergreens.

Skiers were taking pictures as well, and packing the ritzy bars and restaurants. There is tons and tons of snow here, and it's startling to experience when it hasn't snowed a lick in New York. As I was being driven by one hotel guy, he expressed his exasperation with the snow. He also griped about his run-in with Elle McPherson at the hotel, who had been in a 'mood'.

Meanwhile, I need a serious starvation diet, pronto. I was shuffling about with my pants unbuttoned all day today, the result of all this hard work and free food. Good lord. I am only hoping that my condition will become so terrible that I am forced into action.

A coworker asked me how I felt about going from Aspen to LA. I told her that my parents, having lived in New England forever, have a very particular relationship with the thermostat. No joke. It is often 50 degrees inside, and I will wear wool pants, socks and layers to keep myself from turning blue. So packing for this trip was not an issue.

I'm visiting my parents for a family reunion of sorts, so there will be guests over. I am hoping the thermostat will get some action. If not, then the wool pants that I can barely button will go on!

Photo by myself today in Aspen, Colorado.


Tammy said...

That picture looks a lot like where I live. It's all forest and snow. hehe

Spandrel Studios said...

Wow, it really looks like a storybook village!

A very ritzy storybook village, but still.

Kitty said...

Tammy, you lucky duck! You must have humungous icicles, too!

Spandrel, yes, it is gorgeous and quaint. There is a Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous tour on the map. I have to wonder what it showcases!

Ha Ha Sound said...

It really does look gorgeous out there. What fantastic photos. Would you believe that I've never been. I must see it sometime. Hope you're enjoying yourself!!

Pat said...

What a great view!


Guelph Daily Photo, My Photos.

Reluctant Blogger said...

Oh wow, that looks beautiful. You are so lucky. I love the snow. You should try skiing - I'm sure you would love it.

As for the waistline - perhaps it is easier to buy new trousers???? Or is that being defeatist? It is hard to eat well and do exercise when you are so busy with work. A bit of extra flab will keep you warm at your parents' house anyway!!!

sid said...

A model in a bad mood? Never! All lies!

Kitty said...

haha, it's nice here year round. People hike here in the summertime (which is cheaper than skiing!)

Pat, thank you and welcome! I will have to check out your blog later today.

RB, I should get stretchy clown pants. Perhaps that would shock me into action. As for the skiing, apparently shortish people have the advantage, so that's an incentive.

lol Sid!

BrianC said...

How can someone be in a "mood" in that setting? Overindulged is the only word for it.

Mike said...

Hi Kitty! I love those pictures you took. We got no snow here really in NY this year. As I get older though, I don't like cold weather anymore.

Im going to Montauk Point again in summer. I can warm up there. I have no money to travel to any state so that is the poor mans vacation for me.

Kitty said...

Brian, Mark said essentially the same thing, only it was more along the lines of 'pretty girl...has-been model...doesn't do anything nowadays'

Mike, it's too bad we don't get snow in NY anymore. It's a weird sensation.

That's too bad about the non-traveling, but at least Montauk is beautiful!

Stuart said...

I like Aspen mountain too.