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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

On Louie and What's New on TV

Photo by myself from the window of Patsy's Pizza.

My theory is that Patsy's is the Poppy's in those Seinfeld episodes. Their pizza and family style pastas are delicious.


The other day, Mark and I visited Louie at his foster mom's apartment.

Louie, a stray orange cat, lived for months outside on a futon and then a cardboard box in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Since being rescued a couple months ago, he's gone to the vet, where he was dewormed and de-ear mited. He's still relatively shy. It may take another month before he's comfortable around people.

When I saw Louie, he was under a bed, scrunched up against the wall. He looked very happy, but denied photo ops and intervews. He just gazed blankly at me and closed his eyes, the way cats do when they feel safe from the paparazzi. I will have to get a picture of him when he's less skittish.

The other night I stayed up way too late, watching yet another Bravo reality show, Millionaire Matchmaker. (Then of course, I woke at 6 am, which makes for a very tired and grumpy person). If you haven't seen it, stay away. It is addictive. Bravo often runs three episodes in a row, so once you're hooked, you'll find yourself staying up past midnight.

A matchmaker in LA sets up these 20 and 30-something year old attractive women with guys that happen to be millionaires. Often the guys are dorky, or they were dorky and are now trying to be cool. They have really nice cars.

One dude had spiky hair and a 'landing strip' under his lower lip. (Um, gross). Another looked attractive but had the personality of esoteric wallpaper.

Matchmaker: What are you looking for in a woman?

Millionaire dude: What am I looking for in a woman?

MM: Yes, what qualities are you looking for?

MD: What qualities does one look for?

Holy crap.

Here's a photo, meanwhile, from my hotel window this afternoon. It is mighty cold out, but brightly sunny.

Lower photo by myself in Aspen, Colorado, this morning.

For more on Louie, click 'here',
'here' or 'here'.


Spandrel Studios said...

Yikes, that guy Julien from the Matchmaker!?! I was convinced he was a plant put there as a joke to get the matchmaker's goat. Having a conversation with him seems exhausting in its dullness.

Glad to hear Louie's safe and sound, if a little shy!

Kitty said...

lol, Spandrel. I was going to say Julien was a plant for different reasons.

Because he showed little personality? Because he sounded like he was made of wood?

I feel badly for him. I hope he finds his way soon.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

I watched that show for the first time this weekend. It was on in the background as I spring cleaned my apartment. I couldn't believe the guys on there.

I felt badly for Julien too, he was very cute, but socially he wasn't quite with it was he. I've worked with a few people like that.

Loving the Aspen photos. A friend of mine is moving to Colorado this weekend, I shall have to visit :-)

Anonymous said...

Ooooh lovely snow. You lucky thing.

BrianC said...

Glad to hear that Louie is thriving - albeit still shy - in his new environment. He'll soon realize that this is a permanent situation and that he's "fallen into the cream" . . . so I'm sure he'll offer those kitty signals of affection.

Kitty said...

yes, you'll have to visit. It's a beautiful place year round. I will post more tantalizing photos!

RB, it is mighty cold! But nice to look at.

Thanks for asking about dear Louie. He is a tremendously lucky and much loved cat. The orange ones are supposed to be extra sweet, and I think once he calms down, he will be King Lap Cat!