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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

It's a Big World In There

The Haier Building, NYC
Photo by myself inside the Haier Building in Midtown.

This building used to be a bank and to my knowledge is no longer publicly used. I was walking by one day when its giant bronze doors were wide open. A couple of technicians were inside, installing some equipment. I'm not sure what they were doing but it looked complicated!


I was browsing around online last night when I ran into an article about street photography that mentioned this blog.

Publicity is a wonderful thing, and unsolicited publicity is even better. I was flattered to read the article, especially since I consider myself very much a beginner.

As for photography, I've been astounded at how broad the art form is. There's 'street photography', which relies on chance timing in the field. There are posed scenes with or without people. There are portraits, there are landscapes, there are extreme closeups.

Photography seems to have room for everyone, and any scene has the potential to yield a zillion different interpretations. I happen to be more spontaneous with my picture taking, while others prefer to stage the scene or adjust the light.

This brings me to one of the concerns I had when I began this blog. I was worried that if I wrote down my thoughts, I'd run out of things to say. What then?

The amazing thing is that just about every day, I have had something to say. Well, except those days when I've been too tired or busy to say anything, lol. Of course, knowing there are readers out there who actually read this blog helps motivate me when I'd rather just veg out.

How successful or interesting those thoughts are vary, of course, but they're still there. There are no limits to what there is to communicate.

I'm happy to say I haven't gotten to the bottom just yet.

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Nikon said...

Wow, congrats on that nice article!
I love the photo of that amazing interior, too!

babooshka said...

Great informative post. Your're right it's all about timing,which you certainly have.You also have to spot the potential in the first place, and you yet again have.Love the colours and light.

Jilly said...

What a great chance to get a shot like this. Super.

And well done in getting your blog mentioned in the article on street photography - which is fascinating and relevant to all of us. I've actually mentioned it in the forum, following Curly's awful experiences.

thanks, Kitty.

The Barber Bunch said...

Wow.....that was quite the Bank! Beautiful!

Congrats on the article! You are famous!!!


Kitty said...

Hi Nikon
Thanks! I'll have to take a photo of the exterior at some point. It's so dark and severe, you wouldn't think of its interior!

Thanks so much, Babooshka
It's a cool space, no? I have to wonder what this is used for. It looks like an auditorium, only there's no special area for an audience

Hi Jilly
Thank you! I heard about Curly's experience but fear that the reaction he had will only persist. People are nervous these days.

I love your many blogs. Beautiful photography!

Hi Carolyn
Thank you!

Kitty said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Spandrel Studios said...

This photo makes me want to see this building... Looks like they were setting up for a performance of some kind? There are so many tiny details and textures you've captured here - very nice job, Kitty!

Adam said...

I too enjoy the daily photos and today's links especially. I started taking pics of Baltimore this year and I draw some strange looks in these days of paranoid-patriots. When my son is with me the looks decrease a little, I guess they figure terrorists wouldn't take the kids on a Sunday outing.

Kizz said...

It looks like that's an event space and those guys are just working on the lights, probably programming the light board or something. It's actually not as complicated as all that, though it is a time consuming process.

Olivier said...

je ne connais pas du tout, c'est magnifique une maison tout en or, cela fait rêver.

I do not know at all, it's beautiful house while gold, it is dream

Tammy said...

That used to be a bank? WOW!!! Beautiful!!!

the donG said...

very nice shot. looks more like a court house.

Kitty said...

Hi Spandrel
It looked like an audio set up, definitely, but I never see people go in or out of the building. It's rather an imposing building, too, that needs a good wash, lol

Welcome Adam
I look forward to reading your blog!
Interesting that you're being pegged as a terrorist. I guess that thought is going around

Hi Kizz
You're probably right. They looked kind of annoyed that I was there. I could see them rolling their eyes at me, lol

Hi Olivier
I love how poetic your sentences seem to be via the translator!

Hi Tammy
Funny eh? People had grand spaces back then!

Kitty said...

Welcome DonG!
Ah, the columns give that effect. There's something definitely imposing about it, yeah.

I look forward to reading your blog!

Eva said...

I love your article, kitty!
(I'm a journalist. I know good writing when I see it.)

Kitty said...

Hi Eva
Thank you. I didn't write the article, though. It's cool to find yourself in print!

modelbehavior said...

This is SOOOO pretty.